Free Day!

Today was our shopping day in Antigua!  It was a fun, great day buying lots of authentic Guatemalan things!  When we got back to the base – the team members all received letters from their parents.  It was an emotional time for some – but very much appreciated!  We could tell by their reactions after reading their letters – how much they are LOVED!!

PLEASE pray for us all tonight as we have our final devotions.  It has been an incredible week and tonight will be no exception!  There has been MUCH brokeness for our Saviour and eyes and hearts have been opened!  We also ask for your prayers for safe travels tomorrow and ease through customs.

THANK YOU for all the kind, encouraging, uplifting words and prayers – we have TRULY felt them all week!!



Dedication Day!

We are TRULY at a loss for words!!   Everyone of our family members accepted Jesus during house dedications today!!  The first house belonged to Carlos.  He had been not feeling well – and we weren’t sure if he would even be there for dedication.  But he was there on the second day of building – and he just couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.  He was SO grateful that he was having a house built!  During his dedication – he was not really listening at first – he had a lot to talk about.  He needed to quiet his speech and open his heart and ears.  Once he did – the Holy Spirit entered his home and he accepted Jesus!

The second house belonged to a young single mom – Claudia and her two daughters – Dulce (8) and Mabelin (3).  We didn’t know very about her – but after presenting our gifts to her – she shed a few tears and we knew God was going to do something amazing!  She and her two daughters accepted Jesus and we were soon told that we needed to pray around her for healing.  We knew being a single mom had brought her much hurt and she needed to be lifted up to our Heavenly Father.  As we were leaving – we saw pure joy on her face and we knew God heard our prayers!

The third house belonged to Claudia’s mother – Virginia and her brother – Anibal and sister – Celia.  Dan had warned us that this would be a tough time – because Satan was NOT happy!  The devil did all he could to keep us from focusing on storming heaven’s gates for this family.  There were SO MANY distractions – horns honking, kids laughing, talking to us, throwing things at us, running all around and it truly was a spiritual warfare!  But, through it all, we would keep hearing thunder – and we KNEW that God was there!  The mother accepted Jesus – but her two children – just couldn’t connect.  So, the teams surrouding the house prayed with EVERYTHING they had and the distractions got louder – BUT so did the thunder!  And then… came the rain!!!  It was an indescribable moment!  The rains quieted down and it was then that we had learned that the two young adults had accepted Jesus!!

The last house belonged to a young family.  William (18 year old dad), Paola (a 23 year old mom) and their 3 year old son – Wilber.  Again, Dan warned us that this house would be VERY tough – and he was right!  Satan tried even harder to distract us – again with the children, and then dogs barking.  Loud voices, loud barking – it was EXTREMELY difficult! At first – the young couple said “no.”  But then the teams outside again cried out to our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit rushed into the house and Jesus Christ became their personal Lord and Saviour! 

God is indeed GOOD and SO WORTHY of our praise!!!


Med Clinic #2 and Building Day #2

We’re Back!  Sorry for not updating sooner – we were without internet for about 36 hours! 

The second med clinic was in the coastal region about 1 & 1/2 hours from the base.  We were anticipating 35 families but there were at least 50. 

It was EXTREMELY hot and after about the first 2 hours in poured – but things were cooled down.  Hermano Jesus was unable to preach -because of health issues so his son-in-law Darvin filled in.  The routine of this night was similar to the other clinic & over half of the villagers were led to say the salvation prayer and accept Jesus! 

Building Day #2 was AWESOME!  We were really clicking as a team and got all four houses stuccoed in record time!  We also got interior painting done – so today we will just have to add some decorative painting and then have lots of time for dedications. 

Pictures will be added soon!

Med Clinic #1


It is 10:00 pm and we just arrived back to the base from an incredible night at our first med clinic village!  We had been told ahead of time that there was MUCH fear in this village of about 85 families – many did not want us to come.  The village was about an hour off the highway – extremely bumpy roads and very high up in the mountains. 

We ministered to about 54 families – approximately 200 people went through the clinic – receiving various medical attention.  After the clinic, we showed the Jesus Film and then Hermano Jesus preached.  It was at first a very cold crowd but, slowly through out Hermano’s message – people’s hearts were softening and by the end of the night when it was time to invite them to say the Salvation Prayer – all but a few men came up and accepted Jesus!!  It was incredible to be a part of that!!

There were MANY hugs given and then we packed up the vans and made the 2 hour drive back to the base.  Tomorrow, we will leave here about 10:30 for our second village that is in the coastal region.  It will be a smaller village with about 35 families.

We will try to post pictures tomorrow morning before heading out!

Building Day #1

What a productive day!  We are way ahead of the game.  Drywall up, mudded & sanded(most for the second time), windows in, and patio roofs on all the houses!  Was a hot, beautiful day – no rain and we even heard the volcano rumble!

However, we were not injury free – lots of little cuts and scrapes, a bee sting and another incident that required stitches!  And, you’ll never guess who -this time Greg Cole!  (Why can’t the Coles stay away from trouble?)

Tomorrow, we will get ready for our first med clinic.  We will be taking about a 2 hour drive to a village in the mountains with approximately 85 families.  Pray, Pray, Pray that God will move in an incredible way and that MANY will come to accept the gift of eternity!